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General Informations
                            WEB CHECK IN – e-TICKET
Web check-in from your computer, your Smartphone, your tablet up to 60 minutes
prior to ship departure. Save your Skyros Shipping Co e-TICKET in your Smartphone, 
or tablet or print out your ticket / boarding pass (A4 page) and get onboard.

Get your ticket / boarding pass fast and easy:

Insert your reservation code as well as your last name as issued by 
Skyros Shipping Company’s system.

Select the person(s) / vehicle(s) you wish to check in from your entire reservation.

Issue your e-ticket / boarding card for every selected person / vehicle by 
choosing any of the 2 options below:

Print your e-ticket / boarding card

Receive your e-ticket / boarding card by e-mail, on your Smartphone or tablet


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