Boarding Procedure

Passengers and vehicles should be at the departure point at least one hour before departure.

Purchase of passenger tickets and vehicle transport receipts

Purchase of passenger tickets and vehicle transport receipts may be conducted in the following ways:

Each passenger ticket is individual, not transferable and is only valid for the class and the itinerary for which it was issued. Changes are made only by the agency / tour agency that issued the ticket and from the port agencies of the company.

Open tickets are NOT available.

Tickets purchased via the Company's website on the Internet are received ONLY  by the port agencies of the company.

Cancellations of passenger tickets

For cancellations made in less than 12 hours before departure fare CANNOT be refunded.

Tickets can only be cancelled by the issuing agency.

Tickets’ Phone cancellations are NOT allowed.

Passengers wishing to cancel their tickets must present them to the issuing agency.


Cancellations of tickets purchased from a distance (website SNE)

Passenger and vehicle tickets purchased through the website of SNE  may be cancelled in accordance with these cancellation terms, in the following ways:



Ticket Loss

In case of ticket loss, a new one should be purchased. Then, you have to specify in writing the loss, stating the date, the itinerary and the number of lost ticket, as well as the new ticket number and a photocopy thereof. If, after checking the records of the company, it is revealed that the lost ticket has not travelled or been replaced within one (1) month of the journey, the passenger is entitled to a free ticket of equal value with the lost.


Sailing Delay

The company is not responsible for any delay in sailing, deviation and non-compliance to the normal route due to adverse weather conditions or orders of ministry of Mercantile Marine and Port Authorities, or due to force majeure and taking place to ensure the safety of passengers. In cases where the planned itinerary is not carried out by the fault of the Company or for reasons of force majeure (e.g. prohibition of departure due to weather conditions), the entire value of the ticket is returned to the passenger. Schedules are subject to changes communicated through this site

Passenger list

According to EU Directive 98/41/EC, a registry listing all passengers on each route is mandatory for safety reasons. For the purposes of registration, tickets are issued by NAME and state in any case:

During electronic booking or ticket issue, passengers are obliged to provide accurate details of their identity, contact telephone number and email address, for the sole purpose of being informed by the carrier in case of delay or cancellation of the itinerary.

Passengers should also check at ticket issue the correctness of the data shown on the ticket (date, time, route, ship, identity, etc.) and not receive them in case of improper entry.

When issuing tickets, individuals needing SPECIAL CARE should be reported to the agency or ticket company, in order to be informed the Captain and in emergency situations to take care of


Fares / Discounts

The ticket price (freight) includes the transfer of the passenger at the port of destination, at the class type chosen by the passenger and appearing on the ticket, as well as any additional legal charges thereon (taxes, port fees, etc.). Meals or snacks are not included in the ticket price.

The price of vehicle transport receipt (freight) includes the transport of a vehicle at the port of destination and any additional legal charges thereon (taxes, port fees, etc.).

Discounts are not cumulative. If more than one discount cases are in force, only the bigger discount applies.

Passengers entitled to discount must declare so at the time of reservation and present all justifying documents both when issuing the corresponding discount tickets and on boarding the vessel. After ticket issuance, no fare difference is refunded.

The Company grants discounts to passengers in accordance with its commercial policy. Indicatively, we clarify the following:

Safety Regulations on Board

It is strictly forbidden to carry firearms, explosives and other hazardous substances or materials at sea.

Smoking is allowed only in the area with special sighs. For reasons of navigation safety and protection of the environment, please do not throw lit cigarettes outdoors of the vessel or in the sea.

 Baggage - Valuables & Money

During the trip, luggage may remain inside vehicles or at the baggage area. In any case, however, and given that access is denied to the garage of the vessel during the voyage, passengers should bring with them any personal items they may need during the trip.

Money, securities and other valuables can be handed over for safekeeping at the Accounting Office of the vessel. The vessel or the Company are not responsible for any theft or loss of money, securities or other valuable objects inside the vessel, if they have not been assigned to guard them, as described.


Our vessel have special places for pets. For sanitary reasons, pets are not allowed to stay in other parts of the Vessel (indicatively, bars, restaurants, indoors). If they are moving around (always on a leash and escort), they should wear a muzzle. Passengers travelling with a pet should always carry an updated health bulletin and are responsible for their care, safety and hygiene. Unaccompanied pets are not accepted.

 General information

Passengers must comply with all safety regulations during boarding, disembarking and navigation and public order rules within the Vessel; also, they should observe the rules of hygiene. In addition, they must comply with any order or advice by crew members during the voyage and address the appropriate crew members in case of a problem.

To pose any questions or comments, passengers may contact our “Skyros Shipping Company" at : Central square P.C 34007 or via our  e-mail address or at phone number 2222092164.

Euro is the official currency on board.